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Tile Floor Installation, Kitchen Backsplashes, Bathroom Remodels and Custom Shower Stalls.

With each of these services we guide you to get inspiration from all of our partners in the industry.  We stick to consistent tile vendors because we know they are the best in the field.  We do not send you to a department in a big retail chain, we send you to people who have experience in the field.  They will help you decide and show you many sample display cases and never a cardboard display. Once you decide on your style, you move on to Marzano Tile to recommend a custom installation plan.  No matter the service, as long as Marzano Tile is your installer, we offer complementary consultation. During the entire process from the inspiration process to the completed stage, you deal with professionals and a well expreienced team. 

We know Tile Floor Installations can cause confusion in the household and cause a big mess. Because we understand this we make it our goal to stay neat and organized throughout the entire process. We ensure any joining room is sealed with plastic and masking tape to limit dust flow. Please see our "Method" page for a better understanding of our install process.

Kitchen Backplashes are the center point for every kitchen. Why not change the focus from the kitchen cabinets and appliances to your newly installed stone or glass tile backsplash. Not only does in class up the kitchen, it will make for simple cleanups and resistent water a lot better than your painted drywall.

Bathroom Remodels along with a custom shower stall require alot of skill to get it done right. Viewing our photos will prove that we have that skill. With our bathroom remodel process we still guide you through the inspiration stage and the planning stage. In addition to our method proces, we ensure that every bathroom remodel and shower stall is water tight so you can have peace of mind that water is staying in your bathroom.  From condensation to water drainage - we ensure it is done right.  In addition to ensure a water tight enviroment, we promise an easy and hassle free remodel. 


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